What are Feathered Eyebrows?

Feathered eyebrows, microblading, hair stroke eyebrow tattoo, microstroking, embroidered eyebrows…. all these names are used to describe a certain eyebrow tattooing technique. Although this technique is not new in the East, it is slowly coming to the U.S. and catching on. It involves using a manual tool to deposit hairlike strokes in the eyebrow area. Feathering can help with people that have thin, sparse brows, bald areas in the brow, alopecia, and even those that struggle drawing on the perfect eyebrow. Feathered brows can last up to 2-3 years and be touched up yearly to define the hair strokes, boost the color, or even darken and thicken the shape of the eyebrow.

I know you say,” WHAAAT?” Well yes, this can happen! It’s not your old Grandma tattoo! Those old flat, dull, one dimensional brows are passè. This is a multidimensional brow that looks realistic and beautiful. The pigment is placed closer to the surface of the skin, therefore giving a more defined, crisp like hair stroke. It can last up to 3 years depending on skin type, activity, sun exposure, peels and facials. Here’s good example. Top pic is with client and her eyebrows drawn in with makeup, bottom pic is after hair stroke tattoo. My client was ecstatic that she didn’t have to draw in her brows everyday! Saved her time and frustration from making them even and symmetrical. Besides, she can work out and swim without having to worry that they will melt off.

Feathered eyebrows take about 2 1/2 -3 hours to complete. The clients eyebrow is carefully measured and drawn to their liking. Color is chosen to suit the clients skin tone. Anesthetic is used to make the procedure bearable but it still can be a little uncomfortable to some. Aftercare product and instructions are given and a touch up appointment should be made before the client leaves. This is a two part procedure where the initial feathering is done and a retouch 4-6 weeks later to insure the longevity of the strokes. This has been a time and money saver for a lot of my clients. Well groomed, arched brows are a beautiful way to present the face. It can open up your eyes, give a more youthful appearance and give you those brows on fleek!